Developing Ukraine through innovative educational projects Osvitoria is a non-profit public organization promoting the development and reform of education in Ukraine. We create innovative schools and programs, help teachers to improve professionally, and make education accessible to children from low-income families. Read more

About us

Osvitoria is a non-profit public organization promoting the development and reform of education in Ukraine. We create innovative schools and programs, help teachers to improve professionally and make education accessible to children from low-income families.

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What we do

  • Creation of innovative educational institutions

    We create the best schools and platforms that help reform the education system in Ukraine.
  • Personal development of teachers

    We prove that teachers are important, and inspire educators for great achievements for the sake of those who will grow and be shaping the future of Ukraine and the world. 
  • Access to quality education

    We strive to make quality education accessible to everyone, to give children the possibility to learn, dream, and believe in themselves.
Novopecherska school This is a modern Ukrainian school with global thinking and a Ukrainian heart. We created this school in 2014 as a pilot project to further reform the entire secondary education system in Ukraine. Read more
UNIT Factory UNIT Factory (Ukrainian National IT Factory) is Ukraine's only tuition-free educational institution for the training of qualified IT professionals to the standards of Ecole 42, a French school of digital innovation. Read more
Global teacher prize Global Teacher Prize is a worldwide competition for talented teachers, which our team has brought to Ukraine. Read more
Cooperation with the Ministry of Education The school of trainers of the New Ukrainian School (NUS) is intended to promote education reform in Ukraine and aims at retraining 22,000 teachers working with first-graders in 2018. Read more
Training center – Hub Osvitoria This is a special place where we provide training sessions and courses for teachers and friendly non-governmental organizations operating in the field of education. We form a proactive educational community, create a space to go to for a solution or to implement a personal project. Read more
Osvitoria media Osvitoria Media is all about a fun education and upbringing. We collect best case studies and methodologies for teachers and help parents encourage their children to learn. Read more
The first profession The first profession is our charity program for orphans that helps them to find their own way in life and not face a jobless future. Read more
iLearn This is a platform with free online courses for everyone who seeks preparation for the External Independent Testing (EIT) or just wants to learn. We want all children in Ukraine to have the opportunity to enter those institutions of higher learning that they dream of, regardless of their place of residence, location of the institution, or their social status. Read more
Personal development program for socially vulnerable youth This is a comprehensive support program for orphans, implemented together with Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine. We help children choose a future trade or profession, encourage them to study, teach them to dream, evaluate their abilities, and have confidence in themselves. Read more
VOLT CAMP Public association "Osvitoria" invites gifted inventors and academically strong in physics and astronomy students of 8-10 grades to the summer science camp VOLT CAMP! Hotel Complex “Koruna” will be a meeting place for young physicists and astronomers on August 3-10, which will host an olympics program in physics and leadership development, inspirational meetings and the best world-class trainers. Teachers and scientists synchronize their experience and knowledge at a ten-day intensive science camp in the “heart of the Carpathians”. Read more
Map of our charity programs
Liublynets Youth empowered program at Liublynetskyi orphanage Volodymyr-Volynskyi Youth empowered program at Volodymyr-Volynskyi orphanage Rafalivka Youth empowered program at Rafavivskyi orphanage Kniahynynok Youth empowered program at Kniahynynskyi orphanage Rava-Ruska Youth empowered program at Rava-Ruskyi orphanage Velykyi Bereznyi Youth empowered program at Velykyi Bereznyi orphanage Khyriv Youth empowered program at Khyrivskyi orphanage Nyghni Vorota Youth empowered program at Nyzhniovoritskyi orphanage Klevan Youth empowered program at Klevanskyi orphanage Rivne Youth empowered program at Rivnenskyi orphanage Zhytomyr Visage class at Zhytomyrskyi orphanage Kmytiv Sewing class at Kmytiv orphanage Velykopolovetske Shoe making, sewing and hairdressing classes at Velykopolovetskyi orphanage Samhorodok Youth empowered program and woodworking class at Samhorodok orphanage Volodarka Sewing and cooking classes at Volodarskyi orphanage Stara Basan Hairdressing class at Starobasanskyi orphanage Komarivka Hairdressing class at Komarivskyi orphanage Sviatohirsk Youth empowered program and cooking class at "Emerald city" orphanage Kyiv Офіс ГС "Освіторія" Борзна Програма розвитку молоді у сиротинці Мішкове-Погорілове Програма розвитку молоді Миколаїв Програма розвитку молоді Мелітополь Гурток "Крій та Шиття" та "Перукарська справа" у Мелітопольському сиротинці
Leads the NGO, defines a strategy, inspires the team
Leads the direction of access to quality education, supervises charitable educational projects and programs
Organizes and coordinates educational charity projects "First profession" and "Youth Development Program"
Coordinates creative educational projects, develops and inspires teachers
Organizes trainings for educators and a coordinates scholarship program for talented youth in Novopecheska school
Сontent Manager of Global Teacher Prize Ukraine
Leads creative space for teachers "Osvitoria Hub"
Interesting and uncommon write about aducation in Osvitoria.media
  • 18-01-2020 Zoya Lytvyn is in the Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs of the Year by the UN The founder of "Osvitoria" and the Novopechersk school Zoya Lytvyn has been included in the WE Empower Challenge  - the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world. In September, she was invited to New York to speak at the week of UN Assembly and to meet other prominent ladies. Learn more
  • 18-01-2020 The projects of “Osvitoria” were awarded by the United Nations Global Compact Initiatives with the participation of "Osvitoria" - Volt Camp,  School of Educational Managers  (with Kyiv-Mohyla Business School) and  Youth Development Program (with Coca-Cola) were awarded at the "Partnership for Sustainability Award 2019 " in the "Society" category. Learn more


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