About us

Osvitoria is a non-profit public organization promoting the development and reform of education in Ukraine. We create innovative schools and programs, help teachers to improve professionally and make education accessible to children from low-income families.

Before the association was established, we had already implemented charitable and volunteer projects in education and created the Novopecherska School in Kyiv. However, the more projects we implemented, the more opportunities we saw in the education system of Ukraine.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.

– Nelson Mandela

We believe that education is a priority for Ukraine. This is because school imparts to children not only essential knowledge, but also fundamental values. The way we teach children today will determine the type of country we will have 30-40 years from now. This is a long-term and vital investment.

Now is the time and opportunity for reform. One team, one minister alone is unable to change the whole sector. Change is possible only with the support of society, business, teachers, parents and children. Our projects prove this point very well as we shape the future now.

Financial reports NGO “OSVITORIA”

2020 year

Annual reports NGO “OSVITORIA”

2020 year

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