Zoya Lytvyn is in the Top 5 Women Entrepreneurs of the Year by the UN

The founder of “Osvitoria” and the Novopechersk school Zoya Lytvyn has been included in the WE Empower Challenge  – the most successful women entrepreneurs in the world. In September, she was invited to New York to speak at the week of UN Assembly and to meet other prominent ladies.

The WE Empower Challenge is a distinction for women around the world who make it their best work. For the first time the Ukrainian entered the top. The World Business Ranking encourages female entrepreneurs who promote the UN Sustainable Development Goals and inspire communities to improve the world.

Zoya Lytvyn is celebrated for achieving the following UN global goals: Igender education, prevention of social inequality (through accessible education), partnership to achieve these important goals.

Five winners were selected from each UN region. The most successful ladies have received a paid trip to New York for UN Global Targets Week (September 22-29, 2019). They will participate in specialized trainings with the most successful entrepreneurs and formal events with diplomats.

“I am extremely pleased that we have been able to draw the world’s attention to our Ukrainian educational initiatives. I am very proud of this distinction and would like to thank each of the partners and colleagues with whom we do well every year! This is all thanks to you! – said Zoya Lytvyn.


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