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Upgrade Your School!

The main goal of this joint initiative by Osvitoria and Deltahost IT company is to bring technology to Ukrainian schools. Imagine dinosaur-era computers, learning programming on a chalk board, one laptop for the whole school… All this catastrophically limits access to quality education and should be a thing of the past. Give the road to technology!


Any school can apply to receive the equipment they need! Every month, we select schools according to the following criteria:

  • The school has real needs
  • The team of the educational institution has a plan how to use the equipment
  • School administration guarantees using the equipment only for educational purposes
  • Implementation of projects using the new equipment during the year



The results in 2021:

  • 420,000 UAH raised and spent for school technology
  • 14 upgraded schools
  • 4,842 students experienced the improved learning process

Go to the list and the map of the upgraded schools. 


This is real help for schools! Anyone can join and become a sponsor. Join us.

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