Youth Empowered Program

This is a comprehensive support program for orphans, implemented together with Coca-Cola Beverages Ukraine. We help children choose a future trade or profession, encourage them to study, teach them to dream, evaluate their abilities, and have confidence in themselves.

Children in orphanage live in a closed environment. They do not know what awaits them after school, how to live without the state support, and they often do not believe in themselves. Therefore, we provide motivational trainings on education, opportunities, resources, trades and professions to such children. We administer vocational guidance tests and help children choose a trade or profession that best meets their vocation. In addition, together with our partner Coca-Cola we open computer classes at boarding schools, which make it possible for us to work with children online and for them to have access to our iLearn program.

  • Online preparation for the external independent testing (EIT)
  • Webinars
  • Career guidance program

This is a project about the dream and ways to reach them, about the challenges that children set for themselves. The days are gone when our first children participating in this program were afraid to even try entering the nearest technical school in their area, and now they are at the best institutions of higher learning in the country and are set for a great future. They are also being looked up by younger children who already know that everything is possible for those who set goals and attain them through learning and hard work.

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