This is an opportunity for talented pupils of 8-10 classes, academically strong in physics and astronomy. Young geniuses have a chance to spend a summer with the science project VOLT CAMP! Participation is completely free of charge for students who will be selected.


Submit if you:

• study in 8-10 grades ;
• winner of 3-4 stages of Olympiads in physics and astronomy;
• Winner of competitions-defense of scientific projects;
• Winner of international competitions in physics and astronomy.

In the camp program:

• olympiad physics and astronomy;
• preparation for international competitions;
• project work;
• research seminars on physics and astronomy;
• developing leadership skills;
• conducting training through dialogue.

Participants will also enjoy active holidays, hiking in the mountains, jeep riding and intellectual competitions with friends. A team of teachers and partners will accompany the project participants.



Paul Pshenichka is the main project mentor, coordinator of scientific support and project-oriented training.

Oleg Orlyansky – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor of Oles Honchar State University, Lecturer in Physics and Astrophysics.

Igor Chernetsky – Head of the department of creation of educational-thematic systems of knowledge of the National Center of the MAN, conducting practical works on physics and astronomy.

Rostislav Danilo is a graduate of Kyiv National University, a graduate of the French École Polytechnique, a plasma researcher.

Yulia Bezvershko – Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Junior Researcher at Bogolyubov Institute of Theoretical Physics of NAS of Ukraine, Vice-Chair of the Council of Young Scientists of NAS of Ukraine, Vice-President of NGO “Scientific Union”, teacher of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

Alexander Tolesnikov is the World Champion of Intellectual Games in Israel.

Andriy Tabachin is a co-founder of EdPro, working on the development and implementation of various technological solutions for education.


Provision of lessons by the method of teaching through dialogue, reading texts of famous philosophers

Technique and academic support for conducting research seminars

Presentation of modern educational technological solutions for project participants.

In order to participate in the project you need to fill out an application, have an interview and receive a dream ticket for participation.

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