UNIT Factory

UNIT Factory (Ukrainian National IT Factory) is Ukraine’s only tuition-free educational institution for the training of qualified IT professionals to the standards of Ecole 42, a French school of digital innovation. It has no teachers, lesson schedules, notes and traditional estimates. Learning is based on the Peer-to-Peer (P2P) method, which allows students to cooperate and reveal their creative abilities during teamwork on projects. Young people acquire skills learning and continuous professional development, extremely necessary for IT-professionals, which maximally adapts them to perform real commercial tasks.

Osvitoria provided educational consulting to UNIT Factory (format selection and project launch) and selected students. For the selection procedure, we have created many effective filters based on our own experience and the methods of the French school. The selection did not factor in the diplomas or results of the EIT (External Independent Testing). Everything depended solely on the skills and motivation of young people.

The Ukrainian institution worked 24/7, which allowed each student to master the material at their own pace and rhythm, considering their own productivity peaks. Another feature of the Kyiv IT factory was that the program of development of skills of interpersonal communication and work with people (soft skills) was organically built into the educational process. On average, depending on individual abilities, training at UNIT Factory lasted from two to three years.

Given the unfavorable current economic situation, the founders decided to close the Kyiv project in May 2020. Under the partnership arrangements, students who have not completed the full course of study will receive certificates of achievement and will be able to continue their studies on other campuses of the School 42’s global network.

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