Osvitoria media

Osvitoria Media is all about a fun education and upbringing.
We collect best case studies and methodologies for teachers and help parents encourage their children to learn.

We work to bring together those who promote education in our country and to become a professional communication platform.

Osvitoria Media will help parents and teachers to find answers to those unexpected questions that children often ask us and to become a better version of themselves. We tell them how people celebrate September 1 in various countries.


We explain what’s wrong with the food in school canteens and dispel parents’ major fears regarding the new standard of primary education. Together with you, we laugh at how sex is explained to Ukrainian schoolchildren and explain why it is important to discuss with children even such difficult subjects as death. We give understanding of what it is like to be in an inclusive class and explain the upsides and downsides of homeschooling.

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