Novopecherska school

This is a modern Ukrainian school with global thinking and a Ukrainian heart.

We created this school in 2014 as a pilot project to further reform the entire secondary education system in Ukraine. Leading Ukrainian educators and consultants from the Canadian Bureau for International Education (CBIE) developed a unique teaching program for the Novopecherska School, combining Ukrainian national standards with the world’s best methodologies. Now our teachers are experts and help the Ministry of Education and Science to implement innovative methods in other Ukrainian schools.

  • 460 students
  • 10% scholarship holders
  • Over 100 charitable projects implemented by students

Over the three years of operation, the Novopecherska School has become recognized as one of the world’s most innovative schools, according to the Microsoft Showcase Schools. Our students are not only well-educated and show impressive results, but are also responsible, charitable, anxious and ready to change the world around them, and to realize that waiting for someone else to solve their problems is not the way for them. Children are a real treasure. General knowledge, book learning and preparation for entering university cannot be the sole mission of a modern school. The school should also develop the personality, skills and character of the child. This will help young people to be successful, happy, and self-actualized, becoming responsible citizens of Ukraine and the world, with both self-respect and respect for others.

Osvitoria has established a scholarship program at the Novopecherska School, allowing talented, ambitious, and proactive children from low-income families to study for free. Here, we are growing the seeds of the new Ukrainian society that will govern the country in the future.

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