This is a platform with free online courses for everyone who seeks preparation for the External Independent Testing (EIT) or just wants to learn. We want all children in Ukraine to have the opportunity to enter those institutions of higher learning that they dream of, regardless of their place of residence, location of the institution, or their social status. We are convinced that access to education must be equal for everybody.

It all began with our cooperation with a boarding school in the Chernihiv Oblast where we provided Skype lessons for children and their math teacher to prepare them for the EIT. The half-year results of intense tuition impressed us: the children became budget-funded students of the KNEU. It was then that we decided to make this program all-Ukrainian and available for every child.

  • Online lections
  • Tests
  • Webinars
  • Materials for personal learning

Today our platform offers free online courses and webinars in the Ukrainian language and literature, mathematics, history of Ukraine, and English, as well as a vocational guidance section.

More than 60,000 students from all over the country have already benefited from our program, including those who live in the uncontrolled areas of Ukraine but want to enter Ukrainian institutions of higher learning. This project gives children a chance to attain more.

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