Osvitoria has became a participant in the UN International Initiative

“Osvitoria” NGO has become a participant of the UN Global Compact to promote the access to quality education. It means that the organization will be able to attract the private sector to develop educational projects.

The United Nations Global Compact is a voluntary initiative based on CEO commitments to implement universal sustainability principles and to undertake partnerships in support of UN goals.

Anna Sydoruk, Head of charity projects and programs at Osvitoria NGO:

“The United Nations Global Compact is a wonderful UN initiative that brings together non-profit civic organizations and business from more than 140 countries to promote social responsibility and human rights. Osvitoria has joined this program, because one of the areas of our work is to provide access to quality education. We are convinced that the right for education does not depend on the social status or location.”

  • 14-03-2018 / admin “Osvitoria” opened grants competition for educators for studying in prestigious university of Canada "Osvitoria" NGO announces grants competition for educators for studying at the University of Queen's (Canada). On-line course for advanced certification training will start at the end of February and will last till end of May (overall three months). Читати далі
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