“Oscar” for teachers: the start of the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2020

Registration for the most prestigious national teacher award Global Teacher Prize Ukraine has started on March 20. This is a chance for every school teacher to demonstrate pedagogical skills, feel confident in their abilities, and compete for 250 000 hryvnias. The teacher can send the application independently or he/she can be nominated by anyone – students, colleagues, relatives. The winner will be announced on International Teachers’ Day on October 3, 2020.

We are sincerely convinced that every teacher is a superhero. And it has its own superpower, which it can share with society. Yes, it is teachers and education that can save our country. These heroes do not have impenetrable armor and a Superman cloak. But an outstanding IQ, multiplied by passion and desire to change the world around us, proves that our children are in safe hands. And as long as we have such teachers-changers, Ukraine will not be able to overcome any wars, viruses and financial crises. Please feel free to tell your teachers about their superpowers!

While the quarantine lasts, there are social networks for this, our branded hashtag #teacherful and the link where you can nominate any teacher for the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine.

In these difficult times of quarantine and distance learning, the whole country has felt the importance of “live” work with teachers. But our teachers deserve recognition not only in quarantine. Therefore, the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine helpі to celebrate their contribution to society.

Three steps for nomination at the Global Teacher Prize Ukraine

  • Who can be nominated? School teachers from Ukraine
  • Who can nominate? Anyone: students, family, acquaintances, people who sympathize with the teacher
  • Where to submit the nomination? Simple and convenient registration will last from March 20 to August 1.

Why is it so prestigious?

Global Teacher Prize Ukraine has existed since 2017, and since then 5,486 Ukrainian teachers have taken part in it. From year to year, the number of applications is growing – from 632 in 2017 to almost 3,000 in 2019.

The award is supported by Microsoft, Agroindustrial Holding MHP, Zagoriy Foundation and the Join the Community Action Program, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and implemented by the Pact in Ukraine. Deloitte in Ukraine is a partner of the award and ensures the transparency of the voting process.

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