Two Ukrainians entered the TOP-50 best teachers in the world in 2020

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According to the Global Teacher Prize, two participants from Ukraine entered the TOP-50 best teachers in the world this year: Natalia Gladkykh and Oleksandr Zhuk. This was announced tonight by the organizers of the most prestigious world award for educators.

The TOP-50 was chosen from more than 36,000 participants. The next stage of the competition will be the selection of the TOP-10. The awards ceremony will take place in London this October.

Natalia is the finalist of Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2017, and Oleksandr is the winner of Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2018, held by Osvitoria.

Natalia Gladkykh is a special teacher who has been teaching children with disabilities for over 9 years. The realization that there is no place for children with complex disabilities in the school system inspired her and like-minded people to establish her own inclusive school. Her other project, Cosmotabir for Children with Disabilities, brought together nearly 300 participants aged from 2 to 16, as well as more than 350 volunteers. In 2017, she became one of the five best teachers in Ukraine. Natalia inspires and develops fellow teachers at the Osvitoria training center and teaches inclusion in the “RAZOM”course.

Oleksandr Zhuk is a computer science teacher from Zaporizhia. He learned sign language to share IT-basics with hearing-impaired children. He has created an energy team, makes robots and solar panels with students, and has been winning a math competition for three years in a row. In 2018, according to Global Teacher Prize Ukraine, he became the best teacher in Ukraine and was included in the prestigious ranking of Top 30 to 30 years. In 2019 he was noted among the TOP-10 innovators who are changing Ukraine and the world.

The Global Teacher Prize is often referred to as the Nobel Prize for Teachers. Each year, the best teacher receives $ 1 million and the opportunity to influence education around the world.

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