Global Teacher Prize Ukraine has named the 10 best teachers of Ukraine

The Global Teacher Prize Ukraine Award has named the names of the finalists. This award is considered the Ukrainian “Oscars” for teachers. We list them in alphabetical order.


TOP-10 of the best teachers of Ukraine are:


Lyudmila Bodnaruyuk, Art, Musical art, Cultural arts; Vinogradov, Transcarpathian region


Olesia Bratash, Ukrainian language and literature; Dobrotvir, Lviv region


Yuri Gaiduchenko, Foreign literature, Ukrainian language and literature; Kiev


Natalia Golodnyuk, English language; Smila, Cherkasy region


Olexander Zhuk, Computer science, Inclusion; Zaporizhzhia


Olexander Lisich, Chemistry; Chernotichi, Sosnytsky district, Chernihiv region


Bogdan Portianyi, Geography, Jurisprudence; Horishni Plavni, Poltava region


Natalia Rudnitska, Foreign literature, Ukrainian language; Kamyanets-Podilskyi, Khmelnytsky region


Svetlana Stelmakh, Civic education, Jurisprudence, History of Ukraine; Kherson


Olexander Cherkas, Computer science, Ukrainian language and literature; Kiev


Global Teacher Prize Ukraine is an annual national prize for teachers who are agents of educational changes. The aim is to note the achievements of the teacher not only with regard to their students, but also with society, and to emphasize the importance of teachers in Ukraine. The National Prize was founded by GS “Osvitoria” in 2017 after the signing of the memorandum with the Varkey GEMS Foundation.


This year the winner will receive 250,000 UAH, one year of free education from the “Osvitoria”, will attend the Global Education & Skills Forum 2019 in Dubai in March of the next year, where s/he will meet the best teachers of the world and well-known educators.


The winner will be named on October 7th. The winner is chosen by a jury of: Zoia Lytvyn, TV presenter on “1+1” and curator of the prize Natalia Moseichuk, the finalist of the Global Teacher Prize 2018 Marjorie Brown, the initiator and mastermind of the EdCamp educational movement in Ukraine Oleksandr Yelkin, Deputy Minister of Education and science of Ukraine Pavlo Hobzey, the winner of Global Teacher Prize Ukraine 2017 Paul Pschenichka, children’s family psychologist Svitlana Royz, a member of the popular teenage group Open Kids Anya Bobrovska and author of the ROLF’S project Valentin Frechka.


You can also vote for one of the finalists here. Audience Choice Award voting has begun on the TSN website. The winner will receive a trip “Airborne Educational”.

  • 14-03-2018 / admin “Osvitoria” opened grants competition for educators for studying in prestigious university of Canada "Osvitoria" NGO announces grants competition for educators for studying at the University of Queen's (Canada). On-line course for advanced certification training will start at the end of February and will last till end of May (overall three months). Читати далі
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