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First Profession

This project makes sure that orphans and social orphans in Ukraine are not afraid of an unemployed future. We are teaching young teenagers up to 10 simple professions.  During these free training courses, they also learn to dream and achieve their goals while mastering their first profession to earn a living.

We do not give fish, but fishing rods.


  • Designing and Making Clothes
  • Cooking
  • Makeup
  • Shoe Repair and Tailoring
  • Manicure and Nail Art
  • Construction works
  • Car repair
  • Wood crafting
  • Leather crafting

We are looking for the best mentors and provide the workshops with all the necessary materials and equipment. Children visit modern large and small productions to understand how a restaurant or a modern beauty salon works and how much such services actually cost.

The First Profession project is more than just professional training. Teachers become children’s mentors and friends. They give them the opportunity to learn to communicate with the world and earn a living, they teach them to dream and achieve their goals. They show that anything is possible for those who study and work hard.


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