About Osvitoria NGO and the Allocation of Funds

Osvitoria is a non-profit public organization that helps change and develop education in Ukraine. We create innovative schools and programs, help teachers learn and provide access to quality education for low-income children.

There are 7 million children of war in Ukraine. More than 4.5 million children have been forced to flee their homes, and 2 million have left Ukraine. A large number of schools were destroyed, and the educational process stopped. In wartime, our mission is to help Ukraine resume schooling and ensure access to quality education for all children.

What we do now:

  • we are working on the All-Ukrainian School Online, a national platform for distance learning for grades 5-11;
  • we conduct daily live educational broadcasts for children;
  • we consult teachers, experts, develop methodical materials in Ukraine and abroad;
  • we help Ukrainian schools find teachers, and we help teachers find jobs in schools;
  • we create educational content.

Our other charity educational projects:

The First Profession

Since 2010, we have been teaching orphans 12-17 years of age the first profession, helping them find themselves and not be afraid of the unemployed future outside their orphanages. Currently, 50 professional clubs are open in Ukraine, and this number is constantly growing.


iLearn is a free gamified platform for the preparation for external evaluation. We want all children in Ukraine to have the equal opportunity to enter the universities they dream of. Currently, more than 155,000 graduates train on the platform.

Training Center

Training Center The Training Center is a platform for educators’ development, training, and inspiration. We offer a variety of professional development topics for educators and teach them to make the learning process exciting and up-to-date.

Opening clubs, organizing training webinars or online courses, and teaching teachers require daily investment. We ask you to support our activities with charitable contributions. You can choose any donation amount and make it on a regular monthly basis or a one-time payment.

All funds received will be allocated to support our institutional activities and charity projects:

  • salaries for teachers and experts;
  • technical support of training platforms;
  • development and publication of modern educational materials, etc.

Thank you for your kindness and support!

Osvitoria Team