UNIT Factory

UNIT Factory (Ukrainian National IT Factory) is Ukraine’s only tuition-free educational institution for the training of qualified IT professionals to the standards of Ecole 42, a French school of digital innovation. It teaches its students to code, work in a team, and find out-of-the-box solutions without teachers, lecture notes, and lectures.

Osvitoria provided educational consulting to UNIT Factory (format selection and project launch) and selected students. For the selection procedure, we have created many effective filters based on our own experience and the methods of the French school. The selection did not factor in the diplomas or results of the EIT (External Independent Testing). Everything depended solely on the skills and motivation of young people.

Currently, we continue our cooperation with UNIT Factory and together with students we create educational hackathons for 12-14-year-old Ukrainian school children. We want children to develop an interest in technology and have the choice and opportunity to try software programming for themselves. That is why UNIT Factory students invest their time in teaching children and telling them about IT. Taking robotics as an example (the robots are courtesy of the company Citrus), as well as imparting the understanding that a programming language is like a second English language that will allow a person to achieve more in their chosen profession.

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