Novopecherska School

Novopecherska School

Novopecherska School is a modern educational establishment for first to eleventh grade students.
The schooling is based on the Ukrainian educational program combined with international cutting-edge teaching techniques.

To create the School’s curriculum, Osvitoria engaged experts from Canada, Holland and Great Britain who proposed educational models that promote the individual capacity for each child.
The school-owned building, closed autonomous campus and well-thought-out facilities ensure the safety and comfort of every student. Novopecherska School tends to all the needs: classrooms with state-of-the-art equipment, engaging curriculum, professional educators from Ukraine and abroad, delicious lunches, sports grounds, recreation areas, and in-house medical services with modern facilities.

The acquisition of valuable skills, talent development and an exciting school life – these are the things children and their parents can expect from Novopecherska School.
This is the place where thriving individuals of the new Ukrainian society are being raised.

Benefits offered by the school

Closed Infrastructure. Novopecherska School has been designed as a completely autonomous complex with everything required for the children’s comfortable and safe stay throughout the day, from 9 am to 6 pm. Everything is made from ecofriendly materials in keeping with international standards.

New Approach to Education. The classrooms are equipped to the highest modern standards and serve a small number of students, ensuring attention and an individual approach to each child. The innovative tools and teaching methods enable every student to tap their talent and potential to the fullest extent. Subjects are taught with consideration for current realities, without redundant obsolete data. Communication skills are developed that will help the children feel confident in the modern world.

Education Management System. Novopecherska School applies a range of advanced IT-based tools, from interactive boards in every classroom and tablet PCs for every pupil to multimedia devices in the music studio. Parents can access the timetable, grades and attendance records of their child online. Teachers create the curriculum and students have the opportunity to interact with each other in an effective way when working on joint projects.
The materials for each lesson can be accessed remotely.
This generates a shared information space at the School and builds transparency in the relationship between teachers, parents and the children.

Staffing. A passion for school always starts with a good teacher. Our forthcoming teachers are highly proficient specialists from Ukraine and overseas who are focused on the efficient education and all-round development of the children.

Healthy Lifestyle. The students’ health is promoted by the physical education program and nutritious, tasty food is cooked fresh on site.

Outdoor activities and recreation are offered in the playgrounds.
We genuinely believe that every child is born talented. The goal of Novopecherska School is to develop the children’s talents, to provide the students with all the opportunities to become a successful and a happy person.
We are convinced that you will pride yourself on having chosen the right school for your child.
Your child will be proud to belong to their alma mater – the source of joy and useful knowledge!

Project Data
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+38.044.359.07.50 + 9-B, Dragomyrova str., Kyiv
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