National stage of “Global Teacher Prize Ukraine” competition has started!

We call all Ukrainians to nominate the best teachers, because “Osvitoria” launched  Ukrainian stage of Global Teacher Prize Ukraine competition!

The Global Teacher Prize is a US $1 million award presented annually to an exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to their profession.

This year “Osvitoria” began a national stage of Global Teacher Prize Ukraine competition. Prize winner will receive 100 thousand UAH, a year of free training and registration for “Global Teacher Prize” and a trip for “Global Education and Skills Forum” in Dubai in 2018.

Nominate a teacher for the award can be anyone – colleagues, students or parents. This can be done HERE. The teacher can apply for the award by himself – it needs to complete the questionnaire . Applications for Global Teacher Prize Ukraine will continue till the August, 15 . City or village where the applicant works, and discipline he teaches is not matter – the main thing that he really worked as a teacher at the school. The winner will be called the October, 1st – Teacher’s Day.

The prize serves to underline the importance of educators and the fact that, throughout the world, their efforts deserve to be recognised and celebrated. It seeks to acknowledge the impacts of the very best teachers – not only on their students but on the communities around them. Lack of education is a major factor behind many of the social, political, economic and health issues faced by the world today. We believe education has the power to reduce poverty, prejudice and conflict.

The status of teachers in cultures across the world is critically important to our global future;


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